Monday, March 4, 2013


week 09 card

I just realized I didn’t post the second card for Week Nine. Here it is – “fire”. I hope it fuels your imagination and creativity!

Friday, March 1, 2013

One Man’s Trash….

week 09 card

Here we are, three days into Week Nine, and I’ve fallen behind on my goal of making art every day, as well as posting these prompts for anyone who wishes to participate in this project with me (my deepest apologies of course). I’ve noticed that my motivation and excitement has been waning, along with my energy level.

This was a “glass half empty” realization. However, I haven’t completely given up on anything (in fact I’m working on four mini albums right now), and although I’ve been behind in posting I’ve gotten photos of all prompt cards posted by Saturday (latest). Those are “glass half full” kinds of things. High five!

Another way of looking at this is to remind myself that “making art every day” doesn’t mean just paper crafting. My writing is art, cooking can be art, working on projects with the kids I teach is art – just taking photos to “document my life” is a form of art. So I’m actually doing pretty well, and that makes me happy.

Which reminds me of something. [Rabbit Trail] I find myself saying “that makes me happy” quite often, in reference to all manner of things. It would be interesting and probably very uplifting, to make a list of these “happys”, write them down each time I think of a new one. I could keep a piece of paper in my pocket, or use the notepad on my cell phone. They would be useful for several different projects, not just helping to lift my mood. For instance, I could pick one for a writing prompt for my novel, or make a page in my art journal for part of the list (or all of it, as it grows). I could write them out and stick them on my walls! [End Rabbit Trail]

I have had a few people in the recent past tell me that I’m a good writer after they’ve read a blog post. This always makes me giggle inside because most of the time I feel like I say nothing using a whole bunch of words. I guess I’m staying true to the identity of this blog:  Random Rambles. And I’m glad it’s enjoyed!

Getting back to the prompt card for this week, I used a mini Kit Kat bar wrapper to make the card, but I’m not sure what I want to try on my page. In some ways, there are several new art supplies that would be “new to me”. On the other hand, I have soooo much stuff already, I really shouldn’t be getting anything more. Which means I’ll probably borrow something, or find something random that I’ve never used in an art project (like a candy bar wrapper). Once again, endless possibilities. Love it when that happens! We had an ATC Club Trade Night theme that was the same idea ("new to me" technique to be specific), and this is what I made:

0123 1                              0123 2

These are actually just the backgrounds, and I pasted a prompt on the front of each one (some of the same ones from my two decks). The bases are playing cards, and then I sprayed some spray inks onto a craft mat. I then took some photo paper (8.5 x 11) and smashed it onto the ink, moving it around a bit with my hand. When it was dry I cut them into ATC size. The first one I did was using only blue and green, and there were a lot of white spaces left. So the second time I used a combination of pink, orange, yellow, and purple (it’s hard to tell in this photo) and moved it around a bit more. I like those ones better.

So go hunting fellow creators, find a “new to you” art supply (or turn something random into one) and let your muse have a go. Happy crafting!