Coming Home

She returned to her past hoping to find a future, and learned to live in the present.

My first novel is titled Coming Home. It's set in the small, quiet, fictional town of September Valley, WA. The story is told through the eyes of a girl named Jordan, who has just returned after graduating from college. This is the first time she's made it back since leaving after high school, and she isn't prepared for how much things have changed while she was away. Her family has grown and grown up, the town has gotten bigger and more modern, and her church has a new building filled with unfamiliar faces. The map of her world was altered, and she has to find new ways to navigate within it.

As she struggles to figure out where and how she fits in, her two best friends try to find their own places in her life. Connor James, the boy next door, stayed in September Valley and found a job, waiting for her to return. Blaize Williams, Connor's cousin and best friend, is also returning a college graduate, hoping to pick up where things left off. Jordan is faced with a decision:  which one will win her heart, and which one will have to say good-bye?

It's a story of life and love, family and friendship, loss and acceptance. Although it's not exactly my own life, I put a lot of myself into its pages; anecdotes from my past, characters based on people I know, others I wish were real. I'm writing it because I spent years looking for that place where I felt safe, and at peace; and I hope that when it's finished, we will all understand what it means to come home.

Coming Home
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