Sunday, February 26, 2012

Highway 195

Have you ever been driving through the countryside and realized you’re the only car on the road? It’s the most wonderful feeling, like you’re the only people in the world, you and your love, and your beautiful children. Time slows down and everything is so quiet it’s like you’re floating down the road in a bubble. The tires rolling down the pavement echo the back and forth of ocean waves. If you’re lucky, the rain will be gently beating down on the windows.

And then it happens. You curve with the road and there before you is another car, someone going slow enough that you’ve caught up to them, and suddenly the peaceful world you’ve been enjoying comes crashing down around you. (Their nerve, to go the speed limit and not a touch above!) The tires rub against the road, making you want to crawl out of your skin. The rain pours down so hard you can’t see well, or disappears altogether leaving the sky around you dark and gloomy.

But then you know. This is the time to pull to the side and let them get ahead again, at least for a little while. Listen to the rain as it slows down to a gentle tap tap tapping. (Yes, it's raining again) Reach your hand over and lace your fingers with your love’s. Lay your head back on the seat and close your eyes. Soon you can start going again, start gently rocking with the waves and the rain, the peaceful quiet of your own little world....I love going for drives.


  1. Ha....There are no places around here where there is no traffic on the road. I remember it as a kid though. Made me scared. If something happened to the car, and it did many times, we had to sit in the dark and wait for help. I do love to just drive and look at the countryside or thru neighborhoods with mansions. There are many here in town. We don't get out to the country often enough. Maybe we should change that. Gas is too expensive to drive out that far for no reason. LOL

    Good Luck with your writing.

  2. I love driving when we are the only car on the road. Very poetically written Mellena - you took me along with you - so thank you!