Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Had A Dream

Don’t you hate it when someone starts telling you about a dream they had, and you can tell they don’t really remember the details so they start making stuff up? It’s usually obvious where the actual dream ends and the embellishing begins. Why start telling about it in the first place, if you don’t remember how it ends?

Although, I must say, there are times when something reminds me of a dream I had, so I start to talk about it, and AS I’M TALKING the details of the dream slip away like smoke. Very frustrating. But. That’s when you stop talking, or pause for a few seconds before tilting your head thoughtfully to the side and say, “You know what? I just forgot the rest of it. Never mind.” Now honestly, that makes for a good story! (Confession:  forgetting details happens more often than I'd like)

Also, I hate it when you’re telling someone about a dream you had and they do that thing. You know, “that thing” when you say something that reminds them of a dream they had, and they interrupt your story to tell you about it? Yah. It’s rude. Like the giant vat of oil on Gilmore Girls.

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