Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ghost Pirates (and Other Tales of the High Seas)

Tonight I am starting a new book called “Ghost Pirates” that I bought at the Dollar Tree the Halloween before last (so that would make it October 2010 for those of you who are curious and not good with math). I wore a pirate costume that year and bought the book because we were looking for costume accessories at the Dollar Tree when I saw it.

It’s a collection of short stories about pirates, ghost ships, etc., edited by Tom McCarthy. For $1 I’m not expecting anything amazing; hopefully I will be pleasantly surprised. Once I’ve finished it, I will post a review. I’m also in the middle of reading “Twilight” for the fifth time, and will post thoughts on that as well. Just for the record, I'm not obsessed, just enjoy a good story. Besides, Pirates and vampires….Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Robert Pattinson….need I say more??

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