Monday, December 2, 2013

December Daily Day Two: Create Every Day

Today I tried to rest and relax thru the aftermath of stomach flu by laying around and flipping thru art journal books. I also took a long field trip to gather some supplies for the week (a rather successful hunting trip amidst college students at Wal-Mart and Safeway, very dangerous, wouldn’t recommend it).

I dug out one of my to-do list projects, a sort of “Smash” book designed by Michaels Stores, the Recollections Cardstock Spiral. This link is a YouTube video of a lady flipping thru it if you’re interested in seeing it. I haven’t decided what to fill it with yet, which was the purpose of my book flipping earlier.

The colors and patterns aren’t really “me”, which is one of the best parts of this book. I have this theory that working on pages that aren’t necessarily in my “visual comfort zone” will help me dig deeper into my creative self and explore new things. At the very least, I will end up with something colorful!

Another idea this book gave me is to make one of my own. I have several pieces of double-sided cardstock in various colors and patterns that are single pages, gathered from various people and places, some in random shapes and sizes. I can cut them, border punch them, fold them, and bind them into by own book!

I’m sure updates will follow. I’ve gotten away from my art journey these past months and I desperately need to get back on track, so I have a long list of project ideas. Some are for Christmas gifts, and will be shown here after they’re given. Others will just be for me, for fun and exploration! Let the journey begin….again!

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