Sunday, January 5, 2014

“Right 2 B” (1994) Cauzin’ Effekt

Life begins with an embryo
The time of conception is the beginning of human growth
Don’t you dare believe what they’re telling you
Society’s lies is nothin’ but sellin’ you
Saying that it’s simply a mass of tissue
Pretendin that this is not a life and death issue
Like Dr. King I speak for the human race
Intelligent black man, I say what I want to say
The content of my rhyme is intelligence
Nothin’ is keeping me from disclosing the evidence
Twenty seconds pass by
Another victim’s last cry
Somewhere in the distance I can still hear the lullaby
My beats are in overdrive and I’m seekin’ to override
Laws that were passed in favor of surgical genocide
It doesn’t matter the race, the color, or creed of the mother
But the children….
They got a right to be

(weird chorus)

Way back when in the 1970’s
The highest court ruled to legally let it be
Known to the world it was cool to kill at will
And cancel school for the numerous children
I’m glad my mother never bought the lies
Huh, if she had this brotha couldn’t testify
I’m bearin’ witness cause I am with this opposition to make the hit list
Hittin’ ‘em hard like lightning from a rainstorm
Blocking the doors, make a stand for the unborn
Gettin arrested, they say it’s nonsense,
But I don’t mind bein’ a prisoner of conscience
The perpetration of the crime boss won’t stop me from protectin’ the holocaust
Victims from the systems they made
Cause I don’t play and I don’t like to get played
The perseverance of my persistence will penetrate to make them listen
So open your eyes wide Clyde and then you’ll see
That the children….
They got a right to be

(weird chorus)

Ghetto magic, ghetto music, ghetto swing see
Ain’t no thing to me, I’m doin’ it constantly
Swingin’ it from the northside stompin’ in my boots
Chillin’ with my uptown family ghetto troops
Swoopin’ down on the subject for my little bros, and Jane Does
That no one knows cause they had to go

Didn’t fit your lifestyle, got it done quick
Doctor’s office on the table, yep you got it done quick
Thick with the cash, doc’s smilin’ as he sends ya out the door
Cause he got paid full and it’s over
But not for the woman shakin’ scared in her bed
With these thoughts of holocaust that be messin’ with her head
Let ‘em be
I’m clockin’ mad skills for the sake of the children,
My attitude’s buildin’, and I’m getting chills and
Feelin’ like I’m decking ‘em from the depths of reality
My strategy’s paralyzing their pro-choice mentality
Yo son, you wanna get wisdom?
The reason for killin’ brother’s and sister’s –
There is none!
Makin’ more ends cause killin’ is your sin
But you got to make the loot to cover the checks and cash ‘em in
Diggity doctor won’t you please set the children free?
God said like you and me that they got a right to be

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