Saturday, June 15, 2013

Snapshot Saturday: Ellis in Winchester


This week I took my first field trip of the summer, to a small town in Idaho, about an hour or so southeast of here, called Winchester. This is hanging on a wire across one of the streets. Not the main street, although I’m not sure the town actually has a main street. In fact, it doesn’t even have all paved streets.

I went along with a friend of mine who was visiting family, and while they visited I was able to walk around and take pictures. I’ll be sharing more of them soon in a different post; for now, I want to focus on one particular aspect of this tiny little town:  a bird I met (whom I will call Ellis).


Here you see him with ruffled feathers. This was taken after he followed me for three or four blocks up a street, then back down. He was on the telephone wire, I was wearing my black Batman hoodie – perhaps he thought I was a threat, a giant black bird come to take his family away [smile]. Whatever the reason, he flew out from the wire, over my head (but not close to it, he stayed well up in the air), then back onto the wire. He was chattering at me the whole time, too!

Here he is perched atop the street sign (hence the name Ellis), very upset with me for taking his picture again (I took three or four). Or maybe just one final warning before I crossed the street. Either way, I was very pleasant to him, I even told him everything was fine! Obviously he didn’t believe me [smile]

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