Monday, January 13, 2014

Today I Choose Joy

wendy k 011114 finished canvas 2

I spent Saturday morning at Starbucks working on a canvas for a friend of mine. She likes “simple”, trees, and the colors blue and green, and we have recently been talking about choosing to live in joy and peace. This isn’t exactly a “simple” piece, but I’m hoping she’ll enjoy it anyway.

01 paint the background02 background03 adhere tissue paper with mod podge04 tissue paper tree 105 tissue paper tree 2

I followed the same basic process I typically use, and took pictures of it:  paint the background, use mod podge to adhere tissue paper in the shape of a tree (above); cut and adhere the grass shape (I also used some Staz-on to ink the edges), stencil images in the background (below).

06 cut grass shape07 adhere grass shape08 stencil background images09 background images

I also painted the tree using my finger, trying to make some areas darker than others, and used stamps to create images on the grass and in the background (top below). Then I punched out leaf shapes and layered them onto the tree in four layers (bottom two below).

10 paint tree11 painted tree12 stamp background images13 stamped pattern on grass14 stamped background images

15 punch out leaves                                               16 piles of leaves17 leaves layer one18 leaves layer two19 leaves layer three20 leaves layer four

Once I was satisfied with the shape of the leaves I stamped the sentiment and used Thickers to emphasize the word “joy”. And there you have it, quick and easy.

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  1. Good job! It is beautiful. I might copy your technique of making the leaves for the tree.