Thursday, May 16, 2013


I've been doing a lot of creating recently, trying to get my insides out so I can work through them and move forward. I spent about a week going back through the cards from the first nineteen weeks of the art challenge and made new pages in my new journal, and I would like to share them. As I always say, the best place to start is at the beginning.

This is it, the prompt that started it all. My original page was a background of alternating blue and red squares. I remember wanting to follow the prompts as literally as possible. Not a surprise, but also not really in the spirit of the project, so this time around I exercised some of my creative license and came up with something different:

I painted the page with light blue to start. I then took a piece of transparency that was left over from a Superman iron-on, and laid it on the page. Using a stencil I bought at Paper Pals and a paint dabber, I created the hexagons around the outside of it. A hexagon is itself symmetrical, even though the way I placed them isn't, and I like how it turned out.

For the second prompt, I made my own version of the Superman logo - with an A for my autistic superpowers - and practiced drawing zentangles inside of it. The original drawings were black on white, and I used a blue pen to color it in. I don't know if I want to add more before I journal so I haven't covered the page with medium yet.

So, a sort of product review:  there are a few things about this new journal that are new experiences for me. It's designed to be used landscape style, for one, each page measuring about 8.5" high and about 11.75" long. It's also the first time I've been able to create in a book that is already bound. In the past I've found myself feeling blocked and getting frustrated easily unless working on loose pages. Overall though I'm really enjoying it! And there are enough pages for me to do one a week for the whole year, plus about four extra. All that's left to figure out is how I'm going to add to the layers I create by the prompt decks.

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