Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Weekly Wednesday #22: Patchwork Body

As part of this new structure experiment, I've decided to provide both Art Challenge Weekly prompt cards in one post, now known as "Weekly Wednesday". The previous posts in this series can be found under the labels "wednesday prompt" and "saturday prompt", and will also be listed under the "Art Challenge" tab on the Home page.

The main reason I decided to combine them is to make it work with my alliteration (Weekly Wednesday), but also because I know most of you who are following this challenge and actually using the prompts probably won't be doing them twice a week, one at a time. I will still try to use the blue deck as my first layer, and the red deck as my next, and will write about the blue deck card first, red second, in each of these posts from now on. As I've always said, this is all about individual creativity, so however you want to participate is up to you. Since I haven't gotten much feedback on the process, I made an executive decision about what works for me. I would still love to hear about and see what you're working on, though, and will be having some fun giveaways this summer for anyone who shares.

Ok, now that the business side of things is taken care of, let's get to this week's prompts. I actually have an idea for these already:

The first prompt is patchwork. Webster tells us that patchwork is "something composed of miscellaneous or incongrous parts; hodgepodge," and another source defines it as "pieced work." Both work well for our purposes (and let's be honest, hodgepodge is just a fun word to say!), and will hopefully inspire several great ideas right off. On the card, I made a "pieced" owl using three different papers, then drew on the stitching lines for depth and interest. I have an idea for using this particular little guy on a larger scale, and will be sharing that when it's finished. (I must admit, he was really fun to create! And so cute!)

For my art journal page, I want to take things in a slightly different direction, allowing me to include the second prompt as well:

Isn't this just the cutest photo? I found it during one of my web adventures and I had to get it. I could say so many things about that precious little guy! I hope my kids will be just as cute! I won't be using this image in my journal (at least not for this page) but there are elements of it that will be borrowed for sure.

I hope you have as much fun with this week's ideas as I'm planning to, and please share what you create! I'm hoping to get caught up on posting the missing weeks (10-18) as well as photos of some of my newly created pages in the coming days. Summer vacation is only a week away and then I have complete creative freedom - and lots of time to write!

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