Friday, May 17, 2013

A New Direction

The first time I made a page using the week two prompts, this is what I came up with. I wrote about it on the posts FootprintsHand-Carved Stamp, and XPLR in case you're interested in the process. This one is in my first art journal; I haven't taken time to journal anything on it yet, but eventually I'd like to. I left a space on both tags - top left and inside the envelope - for when I get around to it. I at least want to write some thoughts about the quote by t.s. eliot that I found, and maybe about living here in Pullman.

This is actually a photo that Anne took of her own footprints after playing in a fountain downtown a few years ago. I love how the two sides are different, almost opposite - the left showing more detail with less water, the right being filled in but soft around the edges. There are so many metaphors and rabbit trails I could follow - darkness and light, good and evil, the left and right brain hemispheres, on and on and on....a thousand words to start.

For the new page, I took a bit of inspiration from this photo and made my own footprints in brown after painting the background with suede:

The dimensions are hard to gauge at this angle; I think this photo actually makes my feet look average sized! In reality they're on the small side, though not quite as tiny as Anne's (even though she's about three inches taller than me!). For the second prompt (hand-carved stamp) I decided to use the same stamp I used on the original page, although this time I chose not to put paint on the four spaces that made it look like a license plate. I haven't put anything inside of the box yet - I still don't know what this page is about. Maybe I'll put song lyrics or a quote about a journey. Maybe I'll use the same eliot quote for this page....whatever I do, I'm sure I'll end up writing about it.

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