Sunday, May 26, 2013

Technique of the Week

I haven't been feeling well so I've spent a lot of time resting this weekend. For me, sleep isn't always as restful as creating, and with the end of the school year fast approaching (only six and a half more school days til summer!!), I have several projects to work on. Can you guess where my thoughts have been?

It's actually been a nice distraction from the realities of my life at the moment, and I think that's why I've been more hyper-focused the past few days. Not only have I finished a few gifts for friends, I've been thinking about imposing structure onto the chaos of my life through this blog. Which means I have some ideas about what to write about and when, which of course will also provide ideas for projects, give me more writing practice, and generally make the world a more happy place for everyone who reads the posts!

First of all, I would like to start working on a "technique of the week" series, in which I choose one technique and create 4-6 projects to write about that week. (Well, I should say 4 or 6 since I don't like odd numbers). Not only will this give me a good reason to experiment, it will also give me a chance to share some (possibly) new and interesting techniques with my readers. If you have suggestions of something you'd like to know more about, leave a comment and I'll explore it with you!

The first technique I would like to explore is heat embossing. I used it on my ATCs for the Paper Pals ATC Trade Club last week, and have since done some exploring online.

If you're unfamiliar with heat embossing, I'll be writing about how it's done tomorrow, with photos of each step and a description. Today I just wanted to introduce it and share a little about this new structure. I'd like to have at least one "series" for each day of the week, not so I can write every day (although I would enjoy that!), but more so that when I make something I can have a day to write about it, and so that when I feel like writing but can't think of anything, I'll have that pre-determined theme to guide me.

I would also like these to be alliterative - Mixed Media Monday, Technique Tuesday (different from the Technique of the Week), and What to Do Wednesday are the three I have so far. I will be posting both cards on Wednesdays now, instead of waiting until Saturday for the second one. I still need words for Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday - feel free to offer ideas by leaving a comment or e-mailing me! Of course that means I don't have an idea for today yet. Hopefully I will by next Sunday - something related to creating and/or writing that starts with an "S".... for now I'm going to rest some more. Happy crafting!

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