Saturday, May 18, 2013

White and Wordy?

I did something new last night, something I should be proud of, although I'm not sure that's how I felt:  I went to the Ladies' Craft Night at my church for the first time! I've considered going to them a few times in the past, but I had a wicked cold one month, out of town once, a broken arm....a few times, I admit, I was just too freaked out to try.

It's in the Fireside Room at my church, which is a room I had never been in before, and that's what kept me from going - I didn't know what the room looked like! This is one of the things about being autistic that I really hate. But that's for another series of posts altogether, ones I was hoping to write in April but I'm still processing.

Anyway, I went last night. I saw it in an e-mail I got on Thursday and decided I wanted to go - and then I actually went! Three other women were there this time. While I didn't bring many projects with me, I accomplished even less, but one of the things I did get finished was the first layer for my page this week, the "reflection" layer! It's very simple but I like it. I'll post a photo of it with my final post for this week, not sure which day that will be (depends on when I finish the second layer).

Speaking of which - it's time to share the second card for Week Twenty. (It's very exciting to be back on track with these!)

This card was made using a white ink stamp pad, but I plan to use a white ink pen on my page. Paint would also work. If you enjoy doodling and/or zentangle, coloring in parts of it is a great accent. Even journaling with one would add another layer. I prefer the Uni-ball brand personally, and would recommend coating the page with a gel medium first.

Another post I would like to do one of these days is to explore color theory. Warm and cool, shading, the color wheel, complimentary colors - I've always found colors fascinating. I'd also like to come up with some color combinations as inspiration for pages and projects. Feel free to comment if you have suggestions!

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