Sunday, February 10, 2013

Date Night

week 06 card

Have you ever had to answer the question “What’s your ideal date?” (or maybe some variation)? According to my good friend Mr. Webster, ideal means “existing as an archetypal idea”. To help you out, I also looked up archetypal, which means (in the easiest way to explain it) “a perfect example”. When you put all of that together, the question becomes “What is your idea of the perfect example of a date?” If you’ve honestly experienced one, I’d love to hear about it!

Of course, “perfect” isn’t something that exists literally; it’s just a standard against which we measure things. Same with “normal”. (I don’t think anyone would bother to ask your idea of a “normal date” though, so we won’t follow that rabbit trail this time.) Which brings us back to where we started:  date night.

This is a term I’ve most often heard when referring to a married couple getting a chance to spend time together without their children. It can be other things as well, such as “girl’s night” or “guy’s night”, or a chance for a parent to take a child out for something special – “date night with daddy”, etc.

Since I’m daring to “explore” this year in new and exciting ways (that was said with extreme sarcasm and I’m laughing about it, on the inside), it’s my goal to attempt thinking “outside the box” for this week’s project. I don’t mind this kind of activity, although I do love boxes, especially square ones. This week is particularly challenging, which makes it even better – how can I create an art journal page about “behind the fence” and “date night” (separately, and then combine them!)?

That remains to be seen. Two more days to finish things up, I hope you will be pleasantly surprised! Both with whatever twisted perception of reality I decide on, and whatever creative inspiration you find for yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something new this week! Happy crafting!

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