Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Highs and Lows

So today I had my semi-monthly ADHD check up. First one since October after two cancellations by my doctor. In the last two and a half months I’ve gained a little weight, and found out that my blood pressure has been high every time I’ve come in. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m at the Doctor’s office, or physical reasons, but if it’s still high when I stop in a few weeks from now I’ll have to start taking meds for that, too. Fortunately, one simple answer:  exercise.

This wasn’t exactly news for me, but it turns out exercise – the cardio kind, that raises my heart rate (which unfortunately is already kind of high) – will help with all kinds of things. Not only is it very possible that my blood pressure will go down to a more healthy level (today it was 133/110 and then 120/100), it should also help me sleep better for a longer amount of time, lose that weight I gained back, and be able to handle stress at work more effectively.

In addition to having high blood pressure, my energy level has been more low than usual, I’ve been having migraines more often, and my moods have been staying in the not-so-great area. Exercise will help all of this as well. So as long as I get more active, and make sure I take my meds on time every day, I should start feeling more like myself again. Last summer was a very relaxing, self-reflective, growing time for me, and I’d like to get back to that place!

I also had a chance to talk to my doctor about Asperger’s, so I asked about a local support group. None that he knows of. He does see adults with autism, but his main avenue of assistance with most is to prescribe Prozac or some equivalent. We talked about my own issues being mainly in the social realm, and that perhaps taking one of my Adderall prior to a social situation would be of benefit. I have to admit, I’ve never considered that option, but it makes sense. I’m definitely going to try it, and will hopefully have more opportunities to get out and be around people in the near future! Getting back into church is a top priority, and my home group.

So I have some work to do, inside and out, but what’s new? We should all be taking time to examine our lives from every angle, and making adjustments as they become necessary. We should be growing and improving every day. This is just another step on my journey, and I love having you along for the ride!

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