Wednesday, January 23, 2013

It’s All About Layers

16 eye with brick wall 1week 03 finished (0122)

On the left is page 16 from my first “completed” art journal. What I mean by that is simply that I finished (at minimum) the background layer of 14 sheets of watercolor paper, for a total of 28 pages (140 lb., front and back), and bound it all together with metal rings and art board covers. On the right is my response to the week three prompts.

I know I’ve mentioned this a few times, but I think it’s worth repeating:  these prompts are not strictly for art journal pages, that’s just how I’m choosing to use them. I may create other projects with them in future – ATCs, canvases, themes for a mini album or a layout within an album – there are no limits.

Getting back to this page, I decided to keep it simple this week, stamping the quote I shared in the Wednesday prompt post onto a shortened manila shipping tag, and later attaching my own “message in a bottle”. These are simply the newest layer, leaving room for several more to be added if I feel so inclined. This is one of my favorite aspects of art journaling. Each time I add to a page, it’s just one more layer; when I’m finished (meaning ready to journal), it’s possible some of the layers will no longer be visible. But I’ll know about them – and if I’m diligent, will have a photograph stored on my laptop that shows them – and I think that’s fun!

To quickly review the art challenge so far, week one was “symmetrical background” and “practice drawing” that resulted in my “Superhero Ninja Skills” page. Week two was “footprints” and “hand-carved stamp” that resulted in my “xplr” page. Finally, above is week three, using “vision” and “message in a bottle”. Today begins week four, and I already have a few ideas for incorporating “big” into one of my pages. What have you accomplished so far? Comment or e-mail me a photo and I’ll post it!

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