Monday, January 21, 2013

Message In A Bottle

First let me start by saying, to anyone who is participating in this art challenge, that I’m sorry this is two days late! I drew the card Saturday morning, and then spent most of the day at Paper Pals co-teaching a mini album class. When I got home I had a wicked migraine growing from not eating all day, so I didn’t do much of anything aside from eat dinner. Yesterday I finally got this photo uploaded, but couldn’t find the right words to ramble about it. So here it is:


There have been a few times in my life when I’ve considered sending out a message in a bottle – while riding on a ferry from Mukilteo to Whidbey Island, or from the Island to Port Townsend; I’ve also contemplated attaching a small one to a helium-filled balloon and letting it float away.

The reason I did neither of those is simple:  I have no idea what message to include! Should I write a brief synopsis about myself – name, rank, and serial number? Hahahaha just kidding. I’ve been watching Hawaii Five-0 and JAG the past few weeks. Anyway, I could include some basic information about myself. I could write some details about where I live in case the message traveled out of the area. Perhaps I could send a poem, a quote, or a profound thought.

Something else I’ve considered is what kind of message might I find if a bottle washed up on shore in front of me. I’m not often presented with an opportunity to visit the beach, and so far haven’t found any bottles when I have. But since this month I’m exploring possibilities – I’m going to explore this one and get back to you.

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