Saturday, January 5, 2013

Practice Drawing

I am still excited about this idea deck weekly challenge I’ve created for myself. I’ve been having fun creating the cards, and making the “symmetrical background” for the first page was relaxing. Today we add the second layer, using a card from the red deck. Here’s what I chose (at random):

week 1

It’s a little harder to see because it was drawn in pencil. I found this image on a “how-to draw” site online. There are dozens of great sites with free images of all kinds, walking you thru the process step by step. The best way to learn is to pick one image and practice it over and over (every day if possible), until you’ve got it mastered. I chose a teddy bear for the card in honor of Oliver; this one is supposed to look “well loved”. I'll be using a different image for my page.

Now, just to clarify, these cards only serve as ideas or prompts for projects. Mine will begin as art journal pages, and then may progress into a mixed media canvas or other project. Of course I’m open to all possibilities, and I would LOVE to see what other people come up with!

Since this is a weekly challenge, it's my goal to post the first card (for the initial "layer") on Wednesday, the second on Saturday, and hopefully the completed project Sunday; however, you have until Tuesday to finish, before the next week’s prompt comes up. Don't forget to have fun, be creative, and make art every day! Happy crafting friends!

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