Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Deck the Halls

Another one of my goals for 2013 is to create art every day. It doesn't matter what it is, or how much time it takes (I have lots of time). And even though I only have a few people following my blog, I’d like to tell others about it, and have them join me in this pursuit. So I’ve come up with a fun way to offer ideas and inspiration on a bi-weekly basis.

As you probably already know, I find odd numbers disturbing, and have a need for structure. So I tend to impose it on things by way of something already existing, such as using the alphabet as a template for a list, or the four seasons to inspire a project. Well, as I was sitting on my bed in the living room yesterday morning, I was thinking about things that have an even number that would be high enough to accommodate a long period of time. My train of thought eventually looped around a mountain to realize the fact that each year has 52 weeks. I could do something weekly. Then it hit me:  a deck has 52 cards!


Here’s my idea:  I took two decks of cards (you can get a two-pack at the Dollar Tree), and I made them into idea/inspiration cards for art journaling and/or other mixed media projects. The blue deck is for the initial background layer(s) and I’ll draw one every Wednesday to share with you. The red deck is for the finishing layer(s) and I’ll draw one every Saturday. My goal is to use them to make pages or some other project, one a week, and post pictures on Sunday. I’d love it if others joined me, especially if you could share photos in the comments section or send them to me to include in my posts. It's always fun (and inspiring) to see and hear about what other people are creating.

This idea isn’t a new one, I’m sure many people have done the same, but I didn’t copy it from anyone so I don’t have anyone to credit. The images I use on some of the cards were found online, others were taken by me or someone I know. Not all cards have photos, though. And each has the prompt glued on it.

The first week of the year started yesterday, which makes today the first Wednesday, so here’s the first prompt:


I’ll post the red deck prompt on Saturday, and my finished project on Sunday. Have fun creating and don’t forget to share!


  1. What a fun project! I'll be following along for sure!