Sunday, August 12, 2012

I Am Me

“I am who I am, no approval required.”
~ Author Unknown

shadow 2

Before someone can like you for who you are, you have to like you for who you are; and before you can like who you are, you have to know who you are.

Most people spend their lives trying to find themselves; honestly, I don’t think anyone ever really gets there, but only those who bother trying ever get close. It’s perhaps one of the greatest and most challenging journeys a person can take, but unlike most others, every step is rewarding.

As I’ve gotten to know myself over the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that I am who I am. Were I less than I am, we would be less than we are. And I like who I am. I don’t need the approval of the people around me. I do however need their love and support, their respect and their encouragement. But those things only serve to strengthen who I am, and in so doing, to strengthen who we are. I’m still learning about myself, but that’s the key:  you have to keep going.

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