Sunday, July 22, 2012

All Dressed In White

There is a tradition practiced in the Unification Church known as the Blessing Ceremony. On July 22, 1982, it’s founder Sun Myung Moon performed this ceremony in Madison Square Garden, New York City. It’s a rededication ceremony given to married and engaged couples, not a legal marriage.

They believe that “through this ceremony the couple is removed from the lineage of sinful humanity and engrafted into God’s sinless lineage. As a result, the couple’s marital relationship – and any children born after the Blessing – exist free from the consequences of original sin.” I don’t agree with these beliefs. I believe that we are born sinful, and the price to pay for that is death. I also believe that Jesus paid that price for us and by accepting Him as my substitute I am forgiven.

Now. The reason I’m sharing this as my “today in history” event is because I want to share something with all of you. A few weeks ago something happened that I honestly believed never would:  I decided that I might actually want to wear a dress at my wedding – not just a simple sundress, an actual wedding dress.

I know! I was shocked, too! I have no idea what happened to cause this. I was thrift store shopping with my friend Crystal and her cousin Kara, and there were some dresses hanging in the window….and I don’t know. I just all of a sudden wanted to look at them, and touch them, and could almost picture myself wearing one.

I kept this to myself at first, because I have no idea how or why it happened, or if it’s a permanent change of mind. But then last night I got a phone call from someone very special to me, and we were talking about wedding dresses (she said hers looks like the one Taylor Swift wears in the “Love Story” video). So I told her about my new realization. And now that she knows, I felt it was ok to share with the rest of you. So there it is. I might wear a wedding dress at my wedding.

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