Thursday, July 19, 2012

I Love My Tongue!

Today is “Stick Out Your Tongue Day”! I would like to celebrate this fun occasion by sharing some of my favorite photos of my tongue.

Mellena's tongue  christmas close-up

On the left is a photo I shared in the post “Two Is Better Than One”. It was taken in the summer of 2006 at Camp Pinewood in McCall, Idaho. I was part of the Children’s Ministry Team for a week. On the right is a “roommate” photo we tried to take at Lake Waha outside Lewiston, Idaho on Christmas Day. I forgot to zoom back out before taking the picture, so this is what we got. Of course, after I realized what happened, I took one that has all three of us in it.

Spoon and Swings  july 11 3

This next photo was taken while I was in University, and it’s a variation on the theme. I had a spoon “representing” my tongue. Mixing it up, you know? Gotta keep it real. And finally, a classic:  sunglasses on my head, tongue hanging out. This was last summer in my apartment. Look how I chubby I still was!

On a more serious note:  respect your tongue, my friend. Don’t pierce it (Anne), or eat really spicy foods. Brush it on occasion. It can do a great many things for you!

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