Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Paper Bag Dozen

6 Not-so-creative Uses for a Paper Bag
(in order of greatest to least letters in each idea)

1. Cheap mask for illegal and/or inadvisable exploits (use your own imagination).
2. Tablecloth for end table.
3. Picture frame.
4. Personal fan.
5. Garbage can.
6. Book cover.

6 Creative Uses for A Paper Bag
(in order of least to greatest letters in each idea)

1. Quilt.
2. Dust pan.
3. Handmade journal.
4. Bouquet of daisies.
5. Bridesmaid dresses.
6. Mini album pages to hold photos, mementos, and various ephemera.

Happy paper bag day my friends! Pictures coming soon.

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