Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Hero!

Spiderman is lame. He got bitten by a spider and suddenly thought he could save the world? Not so much. I agree with Uncle Ben when he said “With great power comes great responsibility,” but I don’t see Spiderman as a REAL superhero. But he’s not just a “hero” either, because he had superpowers.

No, Superman is my favorite superhero. He was born with his superpowers, although they didn’t become super or powers until he landed on Earth as an infant....But. If you’re going to have true superpowers, they have to be something you’re born with. Plus he could fly. And breathe in space. Also, Batman is my favorite hero. He didn’t have superpowers, yet he was able to do all kinds of crazy things, and he drove a sweet car, and his office was in a cave. Enough said.

I’ll save Batman for another day. Today we’re going to Broadway, the Alvin Theater to be precise, on this date in 1966. The closing day of the (admittedly kind of lame) musical “It’s A Bird…It’s A Plane…It’s Superman.” It ran for just under four months, with 129 performances. There have been a few off-Broadway performances since, including this mini musical put on by some students at San Mateo High School in 2005 (it’s really pretty funny):

The Dallas Theater Center also did a version of the musical for about five weeks in the summer of 2010, with Matt Cavenaugh playing the dual role of Superman/Clark Kent. I looked him up on Google, he’s pretty cute. Although not quite as cute as Cheyenne Jackson (yes that’s a man) who played the same role in May 2007.

It’s been said that all good things must come to an end; well, thanks to Kaptain Obvious, we know the same is true for all bad things. Having never seen it myself, I can’t say this for sure, but I have a feeling there’s a good reason audiences failed to support this musical’s run on Broadway. Just saying.

In conclusion, I would like to re-emphasize my support of Superman for greatest ever Superhero by sharing a photo of a very special friend (and true hero) of mine:


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