Friday, July 27, 2012

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Does your life seem dull? Has all the shiny gone out of your days? Do you look at yourself in the mirror and think, “I’m so dull I couldn’t cut through water”? Well my friends, today was your day! (That's correct, I sad was. Because today is over for anyone not living in or West of the Pacific Time Zone.) It’s “Blunt Object Day”! I would have mentioned this sooner so you could celebrate with a rousing game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” – but that would only have added some excitement, and then you’d have no reason to celebrate.

That’s right, I did you a huge favor, no need to thank me. Unless you’re not a follower of my blog yet, and then you can thank me by becoming one. I have an odd number of followers, and I find odd numbers to be very disturbing. And since “Blunt Object Day” is nearly over (which means by the time you read this, it will be a new day, with some other obscure holiday to celebrate), you can start getting the dullness out of your life by reading my daily posts.

Wow. I just helped you out twice. Don’t look now, but I think I’m on a roll! And you know what they say about rolling rocks right? They gather no moss! So if you join me in this, not only will you be sufficiently celebrating “Blunt Object Day” by being one yourself, you’ll change that immediately by subscribing to my future blog posts, AND best of all, you won’t get mossy! This is a very special moment for you my friend! Let’s go celebrate! We can have sparkling cider and dinner rolls!!

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