Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Boys

Today is Teddy Bears’ Picnic day. It’s in no way related to the popular children’s song of the same name; this date was arbitrarily picked for kids of all ages to enjoy some sunshine and have a picnic with their furry friends. Well, it was too hot here for a picnic today, but as most of you know, I have a teddy bear of my own. His name is Oliver, and I can’t sleep without him. Here are a few photographs of him on a trip to California a few summers ago.
cali beach 1                     snoopy 2

In the photo on the left, he’s chilling on a rock at the beach, on the northern California coast. On the right, he’s making a new friend, Snoopy, one of the many statues of Peanuts characters on the streets of Santa Rosa. When I go on a long trip, Oliver goes with me. Honestly, when I go anywhere overnight, Oliver goes with me. I seriously can’t sleep without him. He’s the perfect size and squishy-ness, and I’ve gotten so used to holding something to fall asleep….he just fits!

Although he’s wearing the same clothes in these two photographs, he actually has several different outfits. He fits best in infants’ sizes 3-6 months, although he has this super cute Superman outfit (it’s a hoodie and sweats) that’s actually 18 months. (No, I don’t change his clothes every day, although he does have pj’s.)

My other boy is Donovan. Technically speaking, he’s Oliver’s big brother. I got Donovan for my 16th birthday from my older brother, Josh, and my sort of cousin, Adam. That would make him 15, whereas Oliver is only 6. Donovan is one of the original Doodle Bears, although I lost the markers years ago. They were specially designed so you could write on them, and then toss them in the wash, and when they came out, all the writing was gone!

Mellena and Donovan                                         wrestling donovan

The photo on the left is me, with Donovan peeking out of my coat, at a retreat with my dorm at Camp Casey Conference Center in the fall of 2000. Yes, there was a time in my life when I wore baseball caps, baggy jeans, and glasses. Thankfully, that time has passed. Since then, he’s faded, and lost both of his eyes (but he’s still adorable!). On the right he’s wrestling Oliver. I woke up one morning just over a year ago and this is how they were. What can I say? Boys will be boys.

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