Saturday, July 7, 2012

Ode to a Noodle

"Hello. My name is Mellena, and I’m a logophile." (Yes, this is a real word, I looked it up in Webster's!) Now, before you get too upset, let me explain. A “logophile” is someone who loves words. For me, it’s not just about how they sound; it’s about how it feels to say them. (I’m a very sensory-oriented person.) One of my all-time favorites is “noodle”.

Which makes today, which happens to be Macaroni Day, extra fun for me. I get to tell people all day long, whoever I run into, or call, or chat with online (at which point I’ll say it out loud to myself), that “today is Macaroni Day, and I’m going to celebrate this special noodle”. I bet you’re wondering how. So. I’ll tell you:  I’m going to eat one. Well, let’s be honest, I’ll end up eating several. I’m thinking it’s time to bust out a box of macaroni and cheese for lunch!

Now, for those of you who know me well, you know it can’t be just any macaroni and cheese. For some reason beyond my comprehension (and way past my desire to comprehend), I find the shaped macaroni noodles to be much more enjoyable than the straight ones. I’m not talking elbow macaroni. Oh no. I mean the ones that come in the shapes of cartoon characters like Spongebob and Toy Story. Same low price, but the taste (at least to me) 100% better.

Also, as an exercise of my creativity, I’m going to make a small altered canvas using macaroni. It will be a mixed media tribute to this special day. And for the right price, yours to own and proudly display in your family room! Feel free to make an offer below….(photos will be posted upon completion).


  1. Im finally able to comment, yippeee! Love reading these blogs and now Ill be able to comment and love it even more,, Keep up the good work.

    Your new Friend,

  2. The Mac and Cheese with shaped noodles taste better. :) The elbow kind is less cheesy...I think...