Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Color Me crEAtivE

My love affair with crayons has been going strong since I was very young. I once gave a “message” at church (women didn’t give “sermons”) about my summer camp ministry, and mentioned this obsession. The next week, a nice lady gave me a BRAND NEW box of 120 Crayola’s!

Of course, the first thing I do when I get them home is open the box, and dump out all of the crayons. I have to rearrange them before I can put them back in. I start at the top left, as if I were reading a book, with the pinks. Those flow into reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, browns, and I end with black, white, and metallics. Some boxes have special crayons, and I group them together in their own section, same color order, at the bottom right.

This particular box of 120 had sixteen neon colors. Well, on this date in 1994, Crayola released a box of 30 scented crayons! They smelled so delicious and real that the next year, a few of them were changed so as not to seem edible by young children (including chocolate, cherry, and blueberry).

There are literally dozens of uses for crayons. Here are three photos of drawings I made about a dozen years ago in University:

a prayer    broken promises  meet the Lord

Nothing fancy. The first is a prayer that says, “When I eat alone, help me pray for those who have nothing to eat; when I walk the streets alone, help me remember those who do not have the strength to walk; when I feel on the outside of every conversation, help me to see the nameless people to whom no one pays attention; when I speak and am ignored, help me hear those whose voices fall on deaf ears; and whenever my circumstances are devoid of familiar voices may I always be able to hear the voice of the Listener.”

The middle one says, “A broken promise can separate friends,” and I used a rainbow because that represents God’s promises to us. The last one simply says “Meet God every morning.” I’ve never been much for drawing, but I’ve always preferred crayons when I need to color something.

Speaking of coloring – I LOVE color books! I have several, and sometimes when I need to center myself or feel restless, I’ll take one out, grab a box of Crayola’s (I still have several!) and color a few pages. (A fun gift idea for young kids might be to color one side throughout the book, and let them color the other!)

Another great thing about crayons, especially fancy ones like the scented set, is being able to melt the wax. I found this photo on Pinterest:

melted crayons

When you have a few extra dollars, why not go out and buy a box of brand new crayons; bring them home, dump them out, sort them – and let your imagination carry you back to the simple trees and flowers of your childhood. (Remember when we drew a strip of blue for sky, and green for grass? Love it!)

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