Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dear My Love

Hello again my friends. I would like you to meet someone. This is the newest member of my family. His name is MyLo.


MyLo is a new friend of mine. No, I haven’t replaced Oliver or Donovan; just added to them. That journal he’s holding is one I started writing in on July 1, 2007. And it was the inspiration for this cute bear, and for his name. You see, the journal contains letters to My Love. (Are you following? MyLo?)

I don’t know who or where he is right now, but I know he’s out there somewhere. Sometimes I have a hard time believing that God will bring him to me. For the past couple of years I’ve been hiding behind something that isn’t real because I thought it would help me feel better, but it’s only made me lonelier. So I bought MyLo. He sits on my bed with his brothers and when I need a tangible reminder that I won’t always be alone, I go talk to him, or give him a squeeze. Isn’t he sweet?

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